Our Services

Whether you are looking for a custom or standard job for a part or entire light fitting, we have services from conception, production and finishing, through to nationwide delivery.

  • CAD drawing- we can offer customers a drawing service for their bespoke light fitting. From their sketches we will draw in 3D and can supply an isometric drawing of the part or luminaire.
  • CNC piercing- we have one LVD Strippit VX1225 and one LVD Strippit P1225 punching machine that enables us to offer a piercing service.
  • CNC bending- we have two 3mt one 2.5mt and a 2mt brake press.
  • Bending- two 1.25 mt brake press.
  • Shearing- CNC 3mt guillotine.
  • Aluminium Extrusion Saws.
  • Sheet metal fabrications.
  • Luminaire wiring and testing.
  • Spot-welding- 3off spot welders, 2off CD stud welders.
  • Welding- we can offer various types of welding from TIG, MIG, to gas welding.
  • Finishing / dressing of welds.
  • Powder coating- our plant is a continuous line plant, it degreases / phosphates before powder coating.
  • Wiring- we will wire / test / assemble and pack luminaires.
  • Delivery- we will arrange delivery to our client’s warehouse or offer a site delivery.

We can also carry out restoration and refurbishment work to your existing luminaires.


A large majority of production is to special order and therefore there is not always the time to produce samples or prototypes. We are experienced in working to new designs and ensuring that production is correct the first time. We happily work from your own production drawings, or we often work from basic outline sketches and then produce our own production drawings.

We offer the complete package – all controlled by ISO9001:2008 procedures.

Each order is correctly labelled with the relevant customer information – so you can rest assured that your package will go to the right place.

Job tracking system – ensures that repeat orders for the same products can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

All materials we source are precisely to your specifications – so you get exactly what you ask for.

Quality Assurance

As part of the ISO9001:2008 requirements we have a full written set of operating procedures that have been discussed in-depth with all members of staff.

The management requires a culture of quality engineered products and production is checked throughout all the processes. The object of the company is to operate an effective system to ensure that the requirements of the customers are always met. All goods are fully assessed and tested before final despatch to the customer.

Call us today on 0208 804 4028 or email us at sales@daviscash.co.uk to find out more.